Who We Are?

photo_36@19-05-2022_16-27-23 Learning & Fun
We are a group of teachers that has opened a new school in the summer 2011.
photo_32@19-05-2022_16-25-52 Christian NGOs
To offer assistance to our friends who come to Cambodia to assist in the development
top-10-books-every-college-student-read-1024x640 Khmer Language Books
Khmer Friends has a range of Khmer language books from which you can choose
photo_2022-05-19_16-22-34 Learning About Culture
At Khmer Friends, we believe that learning about culture is part of learning a language

Khmer Language Courses

We teach you how to speak Khmer Language in the right way.
Much Reading the best wat to improve the languages.
Our teachers will teach you how to listen to Khmer language.
We help all the students to write the Khmer words.
Monday – Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm, Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm
Once you have discussed your study requirements with our KF language program manager

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Our happy STUDENTS


– Individual 1:1 $6.00 USD/hr; 2:1 $5.50 USD/hr/person
– Group study: 3–5 people, $5.00 USD/person
– Study by Skype $8.00 USD/hr
– After business hours (Weekend & After 5pm), individual 1:1 $7.00 USD/hr; 2-5 people $6.00USD/hr/person

Simple word document 1 page (A4 – approximately 300 words) = $10.00USD typed

– Full day = $80.00 USD (Simple, Business or Bible vocabulary)
– Half day = $40.00 USD
– 1 hour = $10.00 USD