We have created a number of your leaning needs. We have a team of very capable staff   who are talented and passionate about seeing their students succeed.


Khmer Friends is a Christian based organization. Our vision is to offer assistance to our friends who have come to Cambodia to help in the development of our country.

Our Mission

Our aim is to use language materials that are appropriate to our learner’s needs with experienced teachers, we seek to ensure that students know more than just basic vocabulary; they are helped to make clear sounds and speak understandably. At Khmer Friends, we believe that learning about culture is part of learning a language. Therefore, we also provide special culture lessons for those with an interest. We encourage this kinds of study because we are convinced that when culture is understood, people can communicate more effectively together

At Khmer Friends teachers and student walk together through the learning process. We support our students so that learning progress more quickly

Khmer Friends is warm and friendly place to learn language. Khmer Friends is a school with REALY experienced teachers

Khmer Friends has a range of Khmer language books from which you can choose