Dear Khmer Friends Students,

Greetings We hope this message find you well. Cambodia is reopening again with a new normal Covid19 pandemic protocols. Khmer Friends reopens in the classroom lessons as well as continue online lessons. We are looking forward to support you with our flexible language programs that ensure best learning outcomes. Feel free to drop us a call or a message at [email protected] or phone/Telegram/WhatsApp 012941488.

Online Khmer Language learning is a Win-Win
Taking advantage of Covid19 pandemic,
there is no other time easier to learn the Khmer language online. Adapting to online learning never been been easier and convenient. You got to study your language from you are whether you are, whether you are at home or at your office. You don’t have to travel and expose yourself and your tutor to Covid19. Now the Delta Variant is on the rise and much more contiguous than the Covid19. Andrew is one of many of our students who adapted his language learning online with our school. He will share with you some good tips for effective leaning his language online. You can do it too. Together we fight Covid19 pandemic.

Covid19 pandemic restrictions preventing us from coming to our classes, but that does not mean we can not continue our language teaching and learning. Online learning adaptation allowed KF to continue to help our students with their language learning. Online learning adaptation produced the same learning outcome for many of our students who are willing to adapt to online learning platforms. In the pictures are of our students’ comments on their progress, illustration of their language capacity and satisfaction of their learning impact. Together we will fight Covid 19 pandemic.

Khmer Friends School is now open for in-person classes once again in January, 2021!
We are pleased to announce that we have resumed in-person instruction now that the Ministry of
Health has permitted schools to re-open. As per the Ministry’s guidelines, when you come to school you
are expected to wear a facemask. There is hand sanitizer available here at school, and we will take
everyone’s temperature when they enter the school.
If you have any of the symptoms of Covid 19 – fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of smell, etc. –
please do not come to school.
Of course, we will continue to offer online instruction as well as in-person classes, so you may choose
which mode works best for you.
We are committed to offering a safe environment in which you can learn Khmer. We look forward to
seeing you!

Khmer Friends teachers carefully prepare lesson plans and materials for each student, whether the lesson is taught in person or online. We are proud of our professionalism as teachers and seek to provide the best learning environment possible for our students.

Khmer Friends’ Covid19 Protocols

These protocols are based on School Operation Procedures (SoP) instructed by the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Cambodia. All KH’s staff and students are required to follow these protocols strictly. Khmer Friends will make efforts to keep classrooms, equipment, water, refreshments and other related facilities cleaned on a daily basis by cleaning them with soap and alcohol. KF’s staffs’ health are being examined on a daily basis.

  1. All staff and students (or family members) who travel in and out of Cambodia within the past 2 months (or 8 weeks) are required to submit a copy of the Covid19 test report before physically presence at KH for registration, language orientation or classes. Please note that surprised visit to the school are strongly discouraged. However, online communication and online* learning can be started after terms and conditions are reached by the students and KF via online negotiation and arrangement.
  2. If you and/or your teachers experience the following symptoms, the classes are required to be completed online* or postponed until the symptoms disappear. Postponing your classes will follow KF’s class postpone policy. The following symptoms are
    1. Running nose
    2. Cough
    3. High fever
    4. Difficult breathing
    5. Tiredness and muscles pain
    6. Your body temperature is above 37.5 C

You can call 115 to discuss your symptoms or report suspicion of Coivd19

  1. Alcohol spray bottle and soaps are placed at the front desk, refreshment tables and in all toilets. Keep yourselves hygiene at all times. We will keep them refilled at all times. Stay clean and practice hygiene at all times.
  2. You and Your teachers are advised to wear a mask and keep safe distance (1.5 meter) while in your classes and during the break. The temperature inside of classrooms will be not be lower than 24 C to be in line with the SoP instruction.
  3. Before starting your classes or entre the school, you and your teachers are advised to clean your hands and check your body temperature. If the body temperature is above 37.5 C, the class are considered postponed.
  4. Students are strongly encouraged to do one on one learning in the classroom. KF will not permit more than four people including the teachers in KF’s classroom. More than four people class maybe allowed after the assessment of the room spacing and temperature outside of KF’s building.

* Online or E Classes: After learning agreement reached, the lessons in hard or soft copies will be available for both students and teachers. The teachers and students can agree online or E learning platform that is suitable and convenience for both. The following are the online and E learning platforms used by KF and Students 1) Telegram 2) Whatapp 3) Messenger 4) Zoom 5) Skype 6) Line or other agreed platform by both the teacher and students. This online and E learning is not new to KF, because we have been teaching our students online and E learning since were established since 2011. Quality of online and E learning and in the classroom are competitively similar and can be achieved. Like the classroom learning, online and E learning required commitment and discipline of the both the teachers and students working hard together.

The number of Corona/Covid 19 cases in Cambodia has increased from 1 at the end of January to 114,4th April 2020. This crisis puts us all in a difficult situation for face to face tutoring. In order to comply with our government regulations on social distancing and isolation, Khmer Friends adopted a new way of tutoring our students through online platforms like Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. At first it felt a little challenging, but then we started to feel more comfortable and now we find it quite convenient. Below are the 5 REASONS why you should consider having your classes online, which we collected from the comments of our students who tried online classes:
1) It is very convenient for me because I don’t have to leave my house.
2) First I was concerned about the sound quality, but after I tried a couple of sessions, I found a way to make the sound in my phone and computer clearer and teachers are now able to help correct me when I say something wrong.
3) After the online classes I can play the recorded sessions over again and again in my own time. This helps me to remember words or sentences better.
4) The good thing about online learning it that I can be wherever I want to, at home in bed, on the couch, at my office desk or in a coffee shop.
5) Online classes are a win-win solution for us all in this hard time of the Covid 19 pandemic, because I keep learning the language, while at the same time helping my tutors and the school to be able to continue their business.

We at Khmer Friends can teach you Khmer the way you want it and the way you need it!

Speaking, listening, reading and or writing! Programs available for all levels.

Individual classes from $5 per hour to study groups (4-5 people) for $4 per hour per person. We are even available for Skype studies!

Find us at , on our Facebook page or just send us a message for more information.

Your lessons at our school will be one of the highlights of your time in Cambodia. The teachers offer one-on-one or group classes and can tailor curriculum to suit your needs. They are friendly, flexible, and fun!

More details visit our link:


(Do you know that while you study at KF, you not only learn language, but you contribute two important things? First, you are giving jobs to young students, so that they can afford to further their university education. We commit to train them to be good Khmer language teachers. Second, a small portion of the profits from KF plus contributions from our friends help us support local primary schools in remote areas, so that young children can have the things they need to study: a proper school building, toilets, tables, chairs, and study materials. Please visit our website for more information. Thanks for partnering with us).

Khmer Friends is a Khmer language school with great teachers and lots of fun learning.
For more information call 017 60 60 56. We are located at #22A, St 185 (behind Russian Hospital).
Email [email protected]

We now have WIFI at our school’s students can connect to the internet during study breaks and teachers can use interactive resources to support their students ‘lessons
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